How Does Hybrid Synergy Drive Work?


Cruising in a Hybrid Toyota model is a great way to remain eco-friendly on the Houston streets. Not only are these vehicles environmentally sensitive, but they are also extremely fuel-efficient; so you’ll never have to break the bank when filling up at the gas pump.

What Does Hybrid Mean?

A “hybrid” is a vehicle with two or more power sources, such as a normal internal combustion engine paired with an electric motor. By working together, they allow for incredible fuel efficiency and cut down on emissions, all while providing you with a smooth, quiet ride.

The three different hybrid systems are:

  • The ‘full’ hybrid system that uses two separate power sources – a battery-powered electric motor and petrol-driven combustion engine.
  • The ‘parallel’ hybrid system that uses a normal combustion engine as the main source of power, with an electric motor fitted between the engine and gearbox.
  • The ‘series’ hybrid system with an electric motor providing all the drive. Instead of the normal combustion engine being connected to the transmission, it works as a generator to power the electric motor.

What is Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD)?

Thanks to fuel-saving technology, the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive system automatically switches between electric power and conventional engine power. Hybrid Synergy Drive will adapt according to the driving condition as it controls the power coming from both sources and informs the vehicle how to combine them. In return, you’ll gain optimum efficiency and performance along each drive.

During slow driving conditions, such as in traffic, the engine charges the battery with the generator. The generator can cut out the petrol engine and allow the electric motor to take over in order to provide zero-emissions travelling. This system can sense when the vehicle has stopped, and will turn the engine off to save power and cut emissions, then automatically start up again once you step on the gas.

Hit the Houston Streets in a Hybrid Toyota Vehicle

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