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3/19/2020: Community Toyota is Here to Help!


3/18/2020- Community Events & Gatherings- Rescheduled or Postponed


3/10/2020: Mane Event 2020

3/10/2020: Community to Sponsor Eagle Open


3/10/2020: Spring Nationals

3/10/2020: Click & Go!


3/10/2020: Brain Teaser March 2020 


2/14/2020: Mane Event

2/14/2020: Time to Move to Spring Driving


2/14/2020: Epicurean Evening

2/14/2020: Spring Break Is Just Around The Corner!

2/14/2020: Brain Teaser- Februrary 2020


1/29/2020: What Color Does the 2020 Toyota Highlander Come In?

The 2020 Toyota Highlander is available in a number of unique colors. Test drive this redesigned model at our Community Toyota dealer near Pasadena!

1/13/2020: Top New Year`s Resolutions

1/13/2020: Chili Feast

1/13/2020: January 2020 Brain Teaser


1/13/2020: Baytown Lions Club Hosts Gumbo Cookoff


1/13/2020: ADA Ball Set for January 25th!


12/10/2019: Photos with Santa


12/9/2019: Please Be Safe!

12/9/2019: From Luke


12/9/2019: Christmas Trivia

12/9/2019: December 2019 Brain Teaser


12/2/2019: What Colors Does the Toyota RAV4 Come In?

With so many colors to choose from, our Baytown Toyota dealer guarantees that you will find the RAV4 that is right for you. Explore your options today!


11/12/2019: Baytown Little Theatre Presents Chrismas Classic


11/12/2019: Thanksgiving Trivia 2019


11/12/2019: Thanksgiving Brain Teaser 2019


11/12/2019: A Thanksgiving Prayer


11/1/2019: What is Toyota Safety Connect?

Toyota Safety Connect is there when you need it, providing a unique suite of emergency services. Learn more from our Pasadena area Toyota dealer.


10/2/2019: Winter Driving Safety Tips


10/2/2019: How To Winterize Your Car

10/2/2019: October 2019 Brain Teaser

10/2/2019: Community to Sponsor TVE


10/2/2019: Halloween Trivia 2019


10/2/2019: Halloween Safety Tips for Adults

10/2/2019: All-Star Gala A Home Run!


10/02/2019: Tips for Getting Your Car Fall-Ready

As Autumn sets in, it is important to consider how a change in Houston temperatures will affect your car. Let Community Toyota help you prepare!


09/24/2019: What Features Are New in the 2020 Prius?

The 2020 Toyota Prius boasts new safety and tech features for the ultimate driving experience. Learn more from our Toyota dealer near Houston today!


09/10/2019: Community to Sponsor TVE for Ninth Year


09/10/2019: September Brain Teaser

09/10/2019: Community Underwrites Lee College Foundation Gala


09/10/2019: Community Makes Donation to VFW Post 912


09/10/2019: Community Sponsors Golf Tournament!


09/10/2019: Make A Franklin the Easy Way!


08/30/19: How Often Do I Need To Drive My Car?

Our Pasadena area Toyota dealership recommends that you drive your car every two to three weeks. Learn more today!


08/28/19: How To Fix A Flat Tire

Our Pasadena area Toyota dealership is here to tell you how to fix a flat tire. Learn more today!


08/23/19: How to Change Transmission Fluid

Learn how to change your vehicle’s transmission fluid from the service team at Community Toyota near Houston!


08/21/19: Is My Alternator Going?

Our Pasadena area Toyota dealership is here with five signs you need to watch for that may indicate your alternator is going. Learn more today!


08/15/19: What is Wrong With My Transmission?

The transmission is a major part that must always be in working order. Find out what’s wrong with your transmission from our Pasadena area Toyota dealer.


08/13/2019: Time to Observe School Zones


08/13/2019: Community Underwrites Lee College Foundation Gala



08/13/2019: Community Sponsers Golf Tourney



08/13/2019: All Star Gala



07/31/19: How Often to Change Air and Oil Filters

Wondering how often you should change your car’s air and oil filters? Our Houston area Toyota dealership has all the information.



07/30/19: How Does My Radiator Work?

Your car’s radiator is a vital part of your engine cooling system. Learn how your radiator works from our Toyota dealer in Baytown.



07/12/2019: Back to School is Just Around the Corner!



07/12/2019: Back to School 



07/12/2019: Rescheduled Rotary Club Shrimp and Catfish Festival Set for July 27th!



07/12/2019: "Shots for Tots"



07/12/2019: Sales Tax Holiday



06/21/19: What Are Those Noises Coming From My Car?

If your car is making a strange noise, it can indicate a serious problem. Learn what each noise might mean from Community Toyota near Houston.


06/12/2019:In Congress



06/12/2019: City of Baytown- 4th of July Celebration!



06/12/2019: BLT Summer Musical is Set!



05/15/2019: Highlands Golf 2019



05/13/2019: GCCISD Graduation Sets



05/13/2019: 8 Tips for Graduating Seniors



05/13/2019: Auditions Set For BLT Summer Musical



4/15/2019: Baytown Youth Fair and Livestock Show


04/10/19: Bluebonnet



04/10/19: "Swing into Spring" Golf Tourney



04/10/19: Make a Franklin the Easy Way!



04/10/19: Cinco de Mayo


04/10/19: Toyota Highlander Off-Road and Towing Performance

To experience impeccable off-road and towing performance, take on the Toyota Highlander. Learn about this capable SUV from Community Toyota near Houston.



03/21/19: Simple Maintenance Tips for Fuel Efficient Cars

If you’re looking to promote your car’s fuel efficiency, follow these three simple maintenance tips from Community Toyota in Baytown!



03/12/19: What do the Different Toyota Model Names Mean?

Interested in learning about what the different Toyota model names mean? Find out from Community Toyota in Baytown!



02/19/19: The Importance of Your Cabin Air Filter

How is your cabin air filter an important part of your vehicle? Learn all about its benefits from our Toyota dealership in Baytown.



02/15/19: What's New In The 2019 Tacoma?

Eager to learn what’s new in the 2019 Toyota Tacoma? Find out all the details from our Toyota dealership near Pasadena.



01/28/19: What To Do When Your Toyota Smart Key Dies

If your Toyota Smart Key dies, don’t panic. Our Toyota dealer near Pasadena will tell you just how to unlock and start your car.



01/03/19: Different Automotive Fluid Types

Want to know which automotive fluids are essential to keep your vehicle running smoothly on the streets? Find out from our Toyota dealer near Houston.



12/07/18: How To Use Toyota Power Liftgate

Wondering how to use the Toyota power liftgate? Find out from our Toyota dealer near Pasadena.



11/26/18: What is The 2019 Tundra Towing Capacity?

Looking to buy a Toyota model that’s ideal for towing? Find out the towing capacity of the 2019 Tundra from our Toyota dealer near Houston.



10/24/18: Which Toyotas Have Three Rows?

Wondering which Toyota models have third row seating for all your passenger and cargo needs? Our Toyota dealer near Pasadena has all the info.



10/04/18: Tips For Getting Your Car Trade-In Ready

Trading in your car can be a lengthy process. Read on to see how you can save time and alleviate the stress of the trade-in system.



09/24/18: Best Used Toyota Models for Teens

Looking for a reliable vehicle for your new driver ? Our Toyota dealer near Pasadena will fill you in on the best used Toyota models for teens. 

09/24/18: Community Toyota to Sponsor TVE for Eighth Year

Our Toyota dealer in Baytown believes in supporting the community whenever possible. Join us as we sponsor the Trinity Valley Exposition!



08/16/18: 5 Unique Texas Coast Attractions

Interested in exploring landmarks of the Gulf Coast? Our Toyota dealer in Baytown breaks down 5 unique Texas Coast attractions you need to visit next.



08/08/18: Best Toyotas for College Kids

Come read about the best Toyota models for college kids with Community Toyota near Pasadena.



07/26/18: What's New About the 2019 Toyota Corolla?

What's new about the 2019 Toyota Corolla? Come find out with Community Toyota near Houston.



06/26/18: Toyota's Envrionmental Commitment

Come read about Toyota's environmental commitment with Community Toyota in Baytown.



06/07/18: Toyota Steering Wheel Lock

Wondering why your Toyota steering wheel locks? Come read all about this feature with Community Toyota near Houston.



06/04/18: Toyota Safety

Come read all about the limitless active and passive Toyota safety features with our Pasadena area Toyota dealer. .



5/17/18: Go Off-Roading with the 2018 Toyota Tacoma

The 2018 Toyota Tacoma is built for an off-roading adventure. Come read about the Tacoma's off-roading capability with Community Toyota near Pasadena.



5/10/18: Hot Barbecue Recipes for National Barbecue Month

It's national barbecue month, which means you have to barbecue at least once this month. A favorite is barbecue baby back ribs.



5/1/18: 4 Reasons Why You Should Own a Toyota

Here are some compelling reason why a Toyota ought to be on your radar when you head out to shop for your next vehicle.



4/18/18: Spring Cleaning For Your Car

Come read about spring cleaning tips for your car with Community Toyota near Pasadena.



4/12/18: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Come read about Distracted Driving Awareness Month with Community Toyota near Pasadena.



3/26/18: Road Trip Through the Gulf Coast this Spring!

After you pick up your new vehicle from Community Toyota, you'll be ready for a road trip. Tour the Gulf Coast from South Padre Island and Corpus Christi over to the Florida Panhandle. If you have more time, you could farther to Sarasota and Ft. Walton Beach in Florida.



3/21/18: Where to Find the Best Easter Egg Hunts

There's no shortage of Easter egg hunts happening in the Houston area in the coming weekends. It's not really a question of where to find egg hunts, but where to find the best and most unique hunts. The events listed below certainly fit those criteria.



3/21/18: 2018 Toyota Corolla iM Profile

Come read about the 2018 Toyota Corolla iM with Community Toyota near Houston.



3/13/18: Which Toyota SUV is Right for You?

If you're considering a new SUV and you've narrowed your search down to Toyota, there's likely a point where you'll have to decide between the Sequoia and Highlander. Both SUVs offer spacious seating, lots of standard features, and are reliable and safe. That said, they're still different vehicles that each offer their unique pros and cons. Read on to see how they stack up.



3/5/18: Best March Events in the Houston Area

After you pick up your new Toyota from Community Toyota, head out to some of these South Texas events happening in March.



2/26/18: Why You Should Go on a Road Trip This Year

With technology becoming more prevalent, busy schedules crowding our free time, and expensive plane tickets limiting our travels, it's more important than ever for families to spend time together in a fun, affordable, and distraction-free atmosphere.



2/20/18: Belated New Year’s Resolutions for Pasadena Area Drivers

Though New Year’s Day may seem like forever ago, it's not too late to adopt a resolution. So, Community Toyota near Pasadena has some resolutions for your car.



2/19/18: Take a Closer Look at the 2018 Toyota Tundra

Stop by Community Toyota to test drive the new 2018 Toyota Tundra, a big, brawny and brainy full-size pickup truck.



2/13/18: Community Toyota BAHS Fundraiser

The Annual Community Bay Area Homeless Services fundraiser is back again! Come get the scoop with Community Toyota.



2/12/18: DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Want to make your Valentine’s gift to your special someone extra special? Nothing says special like a do-it-yourself project. It takes effort, time, and dedication to put together something on your own rather than just shopping online or picking up a gift basket at a store. Try one of these fun DIY projects that will make your Valentine feel loved.



2/5/18: Don't Miss These Baytown Area Events This February

Looking for something fun to do this February in the Houston and Baytown area? Check out these fun-filled events happening near you.



1/29/18: A Great Recipe for a Cold Winter Day

This hearty, warm, and comforting meal is perfect for a chilly winter day. Plan to pick up the ingredients the next time you go shopping and give one a try - we're sure your family will love them!



1/23/18: Why Buy the 2018 Toyota Camry?

If you are in the market for an affordable sedan that gets excellent gas mileage and a low cost to own, stop by Community Toyota to test drive the 2018 Toyota Camry. This model has tons of features, including navigation.



1/15/18: Enjoy These Recipes for Soup Month

There's no better way to beat a chill than with a hot bowl of soup. January is National Soup Month, and that means it's time to put a pot of steaming soup on the stove. These two easy soup recipes are exactly what you need to warm up.



1/9/18: A Look into the 2018 Toyota Prius C

Come take a look at the 2018 Toyota Prius C at Community Toyota near Houston.



1/8/18: January Events Around Baytown

Stop by Community Toyota to test drive a new vehicle, then take it to these event in and around Houston. With a new vehicle, you'll be able to enjoy yourself without worrying that your car will break down on you and you'll know that you'll be safer on the road with the new safety technology that your old vehicle may not have.



12/27/17: Healthy Snack Recipes You'll Love To Make in the New Year

Below you will find some healthy snack recipes you can enjoy before exercise or just use as a substitute instead of reaching for the bag of pork rinds on the table. Most of these recipes don't require any cooking.



12/19/17: Your New Favorite Holiday Ham Recipe

Looking for the perfect holiday main course recipe this year? Something that's sure to wow your friends and family? Look no further than this delicious holiday ham recipe. It's sure to be your new favorite.



12/12/17: How to Choose the Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Looking for a car with great fuel economy? We at Community Toyota near Houston have compiled a list to help you choose the best fuel-efficient vehicle for you!



12/11/17: Winter Driving Tips

Whether you're driving a brand new vehicle that you just picked up from Community Toyota or you're driving a vehicle that is a year or two old, you may need driving safety tips for the winter. While these normally only apply if you head out of state and go up north, the recent cold snap that hit the south begs to differ!



12/4/17: Top December Events Near Baytown

December is a time for attending holiday events in the Houston area. Before you head out, be sure you have your vehicle serviced or maintained at Community Toyota so that you are sure to get back and forth to the events, hopefully without incident.


11/30/17: Last-Minute Winter Car Maintenance

With winter on the horizon, our Toyota service center serving Houston is here to give some helpful last-minute winter car maintenance tips.


11/27/17: Why December is a Great Time to Buy a Vehicle

December is a great time to buy a vehicle for many reasons. One of the best reasons is that it's close to the end of the year and you only have a few weeks to pick up a new vehicle that you might be able to claim as a deduction on your 2018 tax return. And you could save money by taking advantage of our holiday and end of the year specials.



11/21/17: Top Reasons to Own a Toyota

When you making the decision of what make of vehicle to buy, be sure to have Community Toyota on your list – not only do you have several reasons to own a Toyota, but many of those reasons are because of the service we provide to you.



11/13/17: Try This Awesome Thanksgiving Dessert

It's easy to get caught up in cooking the turkey and all of your family's favorite sides, but you should never forget about dessert. However, if dessert has already slipped your mind this Thanksgiving, this old-fashioned apple crisp recipe is guaranteed to steal the show.



11/7/17: Best Baytown Events You Don't Want to Miss

November has plenty to offer the residents and visitors of Houston and the surrounding area. Get out there and explore this November!


11/6/17: 5 Tips For Better Fuel Economy

Our Baytown Toyota dealer is here to help shoppers save some money by improving their gas mileage. Read more for fuel-saving tips!


10/30/17: Why You Should Drive a Pickup Truck

When it's time to pick up a new vehicle, you might want to consider a pickup truck. You might be thinking, "why should I drive a pickup truck?" There are plenty of reason. Stop by Community Toyota to test drive a new truck and to learn more about a truck's capabilities.



10/23/17: Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Toyota

Fall is officially here, which means that it’s time for some fall maintenance whether you have a vehicle that you’re keeping or you just bought or leased a new vehicle from Community Toyota.



10/17/17: Homemade Halloween Candy

Instead of dishing out store-bought bags of treats this year, these homemade Halloween-themed candies will spice up all of your holiday festivities.


10/16/17: Lookout For Flood Damaged Cars

At Community Toyota, we want to help shoppers identify a flood damaged car before they purchase one. Read on to learn more about how we can help.


10/9/17: Top Events Happening in South Texas

October has plenty to offer the residents and visitors of Houston and the surrounding area. Get out there and explore this October!


10/5/17: Community Toyota Stands With Puerto Rico

Community Toyota is here to help out the Puerto Rico and the victims of Hurricane Maria as much as we can. Contact us at (281) 668-5402 and read on to learn how you can help.


9/29/17: Why a Toyota Should Be Your Next Purchase

Here are some compelling reason why a Toyota ought to be on your radar when you head out to shop for your next vehicle.



9/22/17: Best Apple Cider Recipes for Fall

If there's one drink that says "fall" like no other, it's apple cider.



9/15/17: Fall Road Trip Tips in Your Toyota

With fall in full swing, fall road trips and vacations are common.



9/8/17: All-New Toyota Camry Ignites the Senses

The all-new Toyota Camry is here with a striking new look.


9/5/17: Hurricane Damage Questions Regarding Car Care

Call Community Toyota at (281) 668-5402 to learn how we can help. Not only can we help, but Toyota Financial Services are helping those affected by the hurricane as well.

9/1/17: Baytown Shoppers FAQs About the Toyota C-HR

Click to see what the most frequently asked questions are about the Toyota C-HR. Contact our Baytown Toyota dealer at (281) 668-5402 for more info.

8/31/17: Baytown Toyota Dealer Answers Toyota Avalon FAQs

Check out some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the 2017 Toyota Avalon. Call our Baytown Toyota dealer at (832) 850-5983 for more info.

8/28/17: Baytown Shoppers Have Their 2017 Toyota Avalon FAQs Answered

Let our Baytown Toyota dealer help answer the most frequently asked questions about the 2017 Toyota Corolla. Read on to learn more!

8/22/17: Baytown Dealer Answers Questions About the 2018 Toyota Camry

The 2018 Toyota Camry is full of spectacular features, giving shoppers near Houston a lot to be excited about. Click here to see some of the most frequently asked questions about this model.


8/18/17: The 2017 Toyota Prius

The Prius has always been the “poster child” of the hybrids, and the 2017 doesn't disappoint.



8/11/17: The Best Back to School Tips

When it’s time to go back to school, you’ll have a lot of shopping to do.


8/8/17: The Toyota FT-4X Concept is the Perfect Combination

Learn more about the Toyota FT-4X Concept at Community Toyota and see how this concept car combines great design and top-notch utility. Contact us to learn more.


8/4/17: Best Events in Baytown You'll Want to Attend

Head out for some August events around the Baytown area. No matter what you want to do, you'll find some fun while you show off your new Toyota.


8/2/17: Top Toyota Models For That Summertime Road Trip

Looking to go on a road trip with some family and friends? Check out the following Toyota models and see why they are the perfect road trip vehicles.

7/27/17: 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport Preview

Experience what the 2018 Toyota Tundra TRD Sport has to offer very soon at our Baytown Toyota dealer. Call us at (281) 668-5402 to learn more.


7/24/17: The 2018 Toyota Camry Gets an Infotainment System Upgrade

The 2018 Toyota Camry has gotten many upgrades, especially its infotainment system. Take one for a test drive today at our Baytown Toyota dealer.


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